The Wright Group is incredibly good at what they do.”


The Wright Group has a vision for how this sort of work should be handled and they take a long term, community-building approach even when this appears to affect the bottom line.”


The Wright Group is a lot more hands-on, conscientious, ethical and principled than any other firm I’ve worked with.”

TWG thinks outside the box when it comes to finding opportunities for putting their client’s case before policy makers.”


TWG has both strong community involvement and relationships, across the board, to elected officials and the agencies that work cooperatively with local with nonprofits.”


TWG understands that their clients are experts in their own areas and helps them channel that expertise to get broader governmental initiatives off the ground and in educating policy makers about the issues involved.”


Our Services

The Wright Group is committed to bridging the gap that exists between our clients and government by developing mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships. We connect our clients to the tools and resources they need to strengthen and grow the delivery of services to underserved communities throughout New York City and New York State.

Strategic Planning & Consulting


We understand that our clients are often dealing with changing legislative, regulatory and funding policies. In order to best represent our clients, we take the time to fully understand each of our clients’ capabilities, challenges, successes and goals. As stewards of our communities we understand the importance of serving as a bridge between our clients’ interest and relevant government stakeholders. Our services include:

  • In depth analysis of organizational structure, programs and services, needs and goals
  • Advisory services for long-term goals
  • Political analysis and consulting.

Government Affairs & Advocacy


From the formulation of client strategic goals, to conducting legislative meetings and “lobby days”, we understand that building relationships in government is the cornerstone to a successful government affairs practice. Our goal is to elevate our clients’ interest before government audiences and to widen the level of access our clients have with key decision makers. Our services include:

  • Lobbying New York City and State governments
  • Relationship building and partnership development
  • Legislative and policy development and analysis
  • Bill monitoring, drafting, amending, and negotiating
  • Securing funding from New York City and State government sectors
  • Coalition development and grass-roots outreach

Legislative Training Sessions


We believe that our clients see the greatest success when they understand government processes and know how to leverage this insight to create and develop meaningful advocacy. Our legislative training sessions are meant to help organizations create and conduct effective and impactful meetings with government officials. We specialize in helping organizations utilize their entire staff, volunteers, and clients, which in turn imparts an organization-wide understanding of government affairs. Training sessions help develop workable road maps to ensure organizations are tooled with the knowledge they need to conduct successful meetings with government officials. Our services include:

  • Developing and hosting training on City and State legislative budget processes
  • Hosting training for clients’ board, staff and coalition partners who are conducting meetings with government officials
  • Providing coalition building support to strengthen legislative campaigns and government advocacy.