beth_rasin_resizedAs a front-line social change organization, PowerPlay NYC has invaluable expertise to share with policy makers, and unique programming to offer to underserved youth. TWG creates opportunities for PowerPlay to share that expertise so that policy outcomes meet the real needs of the people we serve. TWG also made it possible for PowerPlay to expand its programming by introducing us to city leaders who are enthusiastic about supporting our programming. – Beth Rasin, Executive Director Emeritus, PowerPlay NYC.

raun_rasmussen_resizedIt’s The Wright Group’s commitment to the people who are the beneficiaries of our programs, and to our core mission, that makes them such a valuable partner. They have helped us to communicate a clear message to policy makers which has resulted in support for our initiatives.” – Raun Rasmussen, Executive Director, Legal Services NYC.

“The Wright Group’s in-depth understanding of major governmental initiatives has helped us tailor our programs so that they work in concert with broader social policies. Working collectively we are having a greater impact.” – David Freudenthal, Director of Government Relations, Carnegie Hall.